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    Do you really want to surprise someone? Then buy them a unique experience in the form of a “S o S”personal shopper gift card!

    All of our image assessment and personal shopper services will be the best gift you can give and for sure also the most original.

    Make your loved ones feel special!


    As we all know, these days image is what sells.

    An image is worth a thousand words. And the image we project in the first 30 seconds of presenting ourselves is the one that says the most about ourselves and as a consequence also about the company that we represent. The image we transmit is directly linked to the way we dress, which can send a positive of negative vibe.

    That is why we want to help you and offer you an improvement of the image of every member in your team, be it for special events, commercial relations or simply in order to get them in line with the external image that the company wants to portray.

    Consult us and ask for a quote without obligation.

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