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    We offer this new service that is available for everyone, called ONLINE ASSESSMENT. With only one click you can obtain a complete assessment that includes 2 books, a color study and another one with a study of your morphology and style. And all this without leaving your house.
    THESE DAYS IMAGE IS WHAT SELLS … so what are you waiting for to get the out the best in yourself? All you have to do is to fill out a form that we will send you and forward us a couple of pictures. And then, just wait for the splendid results.


    The objective of this image assessment service is to conduct a personalized study of the colors that flatter you most according to your physical characteristics. Due to our skin tone, hair color … there are colors that can really enhance your face and make it shine.
    Did you know that, depending on the colors you use in your clothing, you will Project an image that may be perceived as being closer, more serious, more dynamic …? Knowing the colors that flatter you will help you maximize your beauty!

    Obtain a pocket-sized color guide so you can always buy the correct clothing items.

    Price: 65€


    This package offers a study of your morphology and figure in order to enhance your silhouette to the maximum. The objective is to get to know the type of clothes that flatter you and are in tune with your lifestyle, thus upgrading your image.
    For that we will analyze your figure and create a harmony between your clothes and your body type. We will study lines and textures to always balance the volumes. The important aspect is not the size, but the proportion.
    You will learn to make your strengths and hide your less flattering sides! And like this you will adapt fashion to your person and the other way around.

    You will obtain a personalized style book

    Price: 80€


    We offer you the tools you need to bring out the best in your image and to adopt your personal style. We start with a personal interview and a professional evaluation of your personal image. From there we will guide you towards your ideal style, our ultimate goal!
    You will have a personalized style book that you can consult at any given time with all the necessary information to present the best version of yourself.

    * We analyze which colors suit you most and what you project with each one of those colors.
    * Which clothes fit you best and bring out the best in you? Learn how to show off your best features by wearing the adequate clothes. Empower your strong points and feel comfortable and secure.
    * What is your most suitable haircut, depending on your skin tone and face shape?
    * Which shades of make-up should you use?

    Price: 120€

De: €65

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